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About cattery

Cattery Vabank* PL belongs to the international felinological organization FIFe.

We are a member of the Elitarny Klub Kota Rasowego (EKKR)

under the patronage of Felis Polonia (FPL).


Our cattery is small that's why our cats get all our attention and love.

The cattery was created out of passion and love for untypical colors of british cats - red, cream, chocolate or cinnamon.


In our cattery we strive to make our cats happy. We treat them as family members, to whom we give special care and love.

The cats in our cattery are under constant veterinary care and are tested for infectious and genetic diseases.

We also make sure that the kittens from our cattery are both healthy, as well as beautiful representatives of the breed. We also care were about their socialization with people and other cats.

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