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April 21, 2022

Superman Vabank * PL

BSH d (gen. Ticked) - red

Lives in Vienna (AT)

kocurro krem.jpg
Spiderman Vabank * PL

BSH e (gen. Ticked) - cream

He lives with Ms Sylwia and her family

dziewczynka 1.jpg
Supergirl Vabank * PL

BSH e (gen. Ticked) - cream


Lives with Magda and her family and a male Orlando Vabank * PL   (NL)

dziewczynka II.jpg
Spiderwoman Vabank * PL

BSH e (gen. Ticked) - cream

She lives in Wrocław


AVAILABLE - the kitten is free, you can ask for it

OBSERVATION - the kitten is under observation for breeding, it may be available later

BOOKED - the kitten has already found its new family



Litter "T" was born on August 8 - the first kittens of our lilac tortie Kinder Joy.

2 males and 4 females were born in this litter. More info coming soon. 


Conditions of buying 

Kittens from our cattery can move to a new home after completing 15 weeks.

The new kitten owner receives from us:

  • the pedigree of the international felinological organization FIFe, which confirms the kitten's origin and breed purity,

  • a health book or passport with information about current vaccinations, deworming and the number of the implanted microchip,

  • a layette with favorite food and accessories for a kitten for the first days in a new home.


We sign a cat sale agreement with the new owners of the kitten.

Each non-breeding kitten is castrated in our cattery.

We want to stay in touch with our kittens' new owners. We are happy to provide all new owners of our kittens with knowledge, help and advice at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Planned litters

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